Norwegian Electrics El16 - El 18

GargoNet El16.2208
GargoNet is to repaint its electrics in a new scheme with lighter shade of gray and larger graphics. The first or one of the first repainted units is El16.2208 which here arrives with El16 2212 to Dombås in the middle of the night with a heavy freight train. A nose job comperation of the old ex NSb Gods and the new GargoNet scheme.
2007-08-03 Dombås.

GargoNet El16.2211
El16.2211 will be in charge of hauilng the the south bound freight from Åndalsnes once it arrives in to Dombås just after midnight.

In earlier years I believed that the only reason to see a unit sitting at the yard was actually be helper if a train ends up in trouble at the mountain pass over Dovre. But this seen not to be only case and the Åndalsnes job from Dombås explains why the engines are rotered daily. Though the few engineers I have sopken with, prefer the older six axled El14.s anyday over the much newer four axled El16.s, the CargoNet seem to to be bothered as the both types are used side by side. Date daytime 30/5 2006 and night tinme 31/5 2006 all photographed in Dombås.

NSB El16.2212
NSB El16.2212
El 16 2212 in unmodified condition sitting in its faded New Scheme paint in Dombås. Note the difference with the ventilations on the picture below. The extra airintakes mounted on the roof by ASEA on El 16.s proved not be enough.

El16.2212 gallery

GargoNet El16.2212
So far, I have not been able to take some photos on grey painted El16.s in GargoNet or previous name NSB Gods suit. But in 30th August I was lucky enough to find El 16.2212 sitting in a hole in Otta, waiting for a Regional passenger trainset of Talents to pass.

See more images of this engine at Dombås following day!

NSB El16.2212 & El 16 2218
A southbound double headed freight arrives in Dombås in summer of 2000. The engines are rebuilt or modified, you pick the choise El16.s El 16 are sister units to SJ Rc4 class except extra org ventilations and that pointed nosejob for battleing snow on Bergen line, where the units were orginally intended for.

The modification resulted in large ventilations on the roofline and a set of smaller ones between the porthole windows on the sides.

GargoNet El16.2212
In midnight 29th of August 2006, the ASEA built El16.2212 is heading a very hot train as it does just have a few minutes of stop before rolling to Trondheim with a train mostly of COFC.s.

GargoNet El16.2212
GargoNet El16.2212 MU.ed with freshly repainted El16.2208 at Dombås. Dombås is a division point where the engineers are changed and the trains use the yard as a hole for meetings and overtaking.
2007-08-03 Dombås.

NSB El16.2214
My earliest shot on El 16.s dating to 1993 and the site is Marieborg depot in Trondheim. El16.2214 in unrebuilt condition at engine terminal in Trondheim in 1993. The El16-class are modified SJ RC-4 class which are equipped with more powerful traction motors. Externally they differs by they are built with sloped fronts to deal with heavy snow and additional set of ventialiton louvers on the top of the roofs. Today they have received a larger sets of louvers and appearance have changed a bit, some are repainted in the new scheme but pending on resale to Sweden and to the new regional lines.

GargoNet El16.2214
Allmost unnoticed excpet of the typical rumble of a freight train, Gargonet El 16.2214 rolls by with another train of containers towards the south.
2007-09-15 Hamar.

NSB El16.2215
The north bound freight wastes no time as it passes the track one in Otta in 30/5 in 2006. The lead unit is El16 2215.

NSB El16.2216 in Hamar.
NSB El16.2216 in Dombås.
In 2000 the El 16.s were still busy, mostly hauling freights on Dombås line and filling in on the IC-trains as well, not as usually since the new El18.s. Here El16.2216 was hauling typical load fo container to south, caught while doing it in Hamar.

NSB El16.2216
It is early hours of 1 of June 2006 and one of the south bonds this night is hands of El16.2216. As Roco has scheduled a production of rebuilt El16.s in 1/87 scale in both colors it is nice to see these units.

NSB El16.2217.
There is allways a mainline electric sitting in Dombås, this day the call was ensigned for El16 2217 in summer of 2001.Some of the engines were equipped with single strut pantographs and some with more traditional ones.

NSB El17 at Eina.
El 17.s are lightweight sister to DB.s Br 120.s. Intendend to haul B7-generation cars on expresstrains but due being troubleproned they ended up on manistays on the passengerruns on Gjövik line instead. Though, being fairly new, some has left the roster and scrapped and few of them hauls the passengertrains on the steep Flåm line branch.

NSB El17 at north of Sel.
During the highlight of the early day,s El 17 and B7-generation was a common consist of the star of the fleet. Norway is full of geographical highlights, including the canyon northof Sel between Otta and Dombås, which is highly accessable by car, thanks for the highway hugging the rocks of the opposite mountain wall.

NSB El17.2221.
El 17.2221 is one of the units repainted to the green Flåmbanan scheme. There they haul repanited and remodelled cars of B3-generation. But this does not stop them to fill in ordinary passenger runs on the Gjövik line. Cars used there are B3 and B5 generation cars, bumbed from premiumserice by the B7.s and the new high speed tilttrains.

NSB El17 2222 in Gjövik.
In Gjövik El 17.2222 has turned to the other end of its train. Weathered this still highly modern looks much older unit as it was quite weathered. The consist was nice, a trio of B3.s in different schemes and a BF13. May 2003.

NSB El17 2223 in Gjövik.
The Gjövik line is now adays a passenger only, a haven for the equipment that were stars of the fleet only a few years ago. Here the remaining El17.s and lately also the new El 18.s haul short versions of the expresstrains of the nineties. Normally the trains are only 4-6 cars long.

NSB El17 2223 at RR. museum in Hamar.
Who would could have thought only a few years ago that this El 17 2223 is now a a part of a railroad museum? Yes folks, this is the case. The hightech engine was considered as surplus when much of the IC-runs are taken over by EMU.s and El.18.s, officially. But before the Signature trains arrived, a couple of the El17.s were written of and cannibalized for parts to keep their sisters operationable.

NSB El17.2223
Surely the youngest unit in roundhouse in Hamar, the high tech El17.2223. 31. August 2006

NSB El17 2224 in Gjövik.
Here EL 17 2224 arrives with aother train of long distance commuters to Gjövik in summer of 2000.

NSB El18 2241.
A sparkling new El 18.2241 in Dombås in summer of 1996. These powerful 4-axle engine of 8000hp. is mainly used on Intercity-trains replacing the troubleprone El17;s.They are slightly modified swiss 460/465-series of SBB and BLS. This type is also used in Finland (VR)as class Sr 2, BLS in Switzerland and in China in Hongkong area..

NSB El18 2243.
El 17.s had their problems, El 16.s were of older technology but the Swiss Re 460.s were brand new, NSB leased two SBB units for months to evalute the most powerful 4 axle units ever built so far. The 8 000 hp unit is capable of speed of 230 km/h, and suitable for highsspeed passengerruns. The lease of the two units resulted on order from NSB, and the engines were slightly modified compared to the Swiss units, the cabs were mirrow image of the SBB units and the units received a sturdy snowplow. Here El18.2243 shines in Otta while a scheduled stop. The engine or the train was undergoing some kind of test as the first car was the NSB car was the NSB laboratory car and is used for road tests and inspections.

The last photo shown here is a long lost photo, which was published on Trains web site several years ago. I recently found it and readded it to the web site.

NSB El18 2243.
Back in Augusy 2003, El18.s and new EMU trainsets were in charge fot all Signature trains, and the earlier B3 and B5 cars vanished from the IC runs and the engine and its usual cars of B7-generation added to the ultra sleak and modern looks. Here El18.2243 is slowing down to pick up passangers in Otta.

NSB El18 2244.
El 18.2244 is sitting parked with a consist of B5 cars in Lillehammer. Appearently the high tech unit and rather late passenger cars are spending time as replacement trainset for the Bm70.s. A rather odd employment of still new 8000 hp and 200 km/h unit! 9th of June 2005.

NSB El18 2247.
El 18.2247 with a B7 generation consist from Oslo is finally crossing the railroad crossing just before the yard of Otta at least according the young family who might not at a hot summer day not totally appreciate the charm of railfanning.
Otta. 2008-06-15.

NSB El18 2248.
El 18.2248 slowing down with a north-bound IC train. In Norway the El 18.s are restricted to maximum speed of 200 km/h.

NSB El18 2248.
El 18.2248 with a consist of B7. generation cars is picking up passangers for its run from oslo to trondheim. Though some 10 years ago this was the ultimate way to travel by rail in Norway the IC-trains have been renamed to Signature trains and these trains fills in that duty. Many of the very versatile and High tech 8000HP strong and 200 km/h fast units are used on regional runs from Oslo to Gjövik. and at least in one consist with still modern B5 generation cars on regional runs between Lillehammar-Osla-Skien.

NSB El18 2249.
El 18.2249 has just arrived from Oslo with a long consist of sleepers in a night train from Oslo. After arrivel, the engine is turned around and couple to a B7-generation Signatur IC train set for day time IC run back to Oslo. The night train set is pulled slowly to passanger tracks and eventually to Marieborg for cleaning. Trondheim 1. June 2004

NSB El18 2251 in Dombås.
The El 18.s are capable for 200 km/h and can deliver 8 000 hp, and are still to be considered as high tech engines. But NSB employs them to a what is close to a extended commuter service on Gjövik line with plenty stops on the twisting line, where their power and speed is not quite coming to their right. Gjövik 3. June 2004

NSB El18 2252 in Dombås.
The IC runs over the Dovreline is either Bm 73. or El18 powered consists of B7-generation of cars. Here in May 2003, El18.2252 stops in Dombås before climbing up the grade to the summit of the Dovrefjell at Hjerkinn at 1069 meters over the sea level.

NSB El18.2254
It is 2.30 in the morning and the south bound night train from Trondheim to Oslo is picking up passangers at Otta. I guess these trains are the few where the 8 000 hp strong Swiss built engines gets a little work out. 30. August 2006

NSB El18 2255.
El 18. 2255 is resting at the engine termilnal in Marieborg in 7th of June 2005.

But the night before it had still late departure with a night train to Oslo. In the morning the engine has arrived and a few hours of before another run over Dovre line.

NSB El18 2257 in Otta.
The southbound IC for Oslo is about to stop to pick passangers in Otta. Power for this train is El 18.2257.

NSB El18 2257 in Otta.
A couple of years later virtually at the same spot, El18.2257 is having a meeting with Bm73.013 in Otta. Date 8th of June 2005.

NSB El18 2258.
El 18.2258 with a consist of B5 generation cars has passed a waiting freight and picks up speed on its way south from Hamar on 30. May 2006.

Once this consist was common on IC-trains on all electric lines, they have much more moderate roll as extra regional train between Lillehammar-Osla-Skien. Looking at the grimy appearence on the fairly modern cars they are not to be running too many years from now.

NSB El18.2260
It is close to the lunch time and usually the arrival of the south bound Signatur train gets all the attention along the platforms. Not to day as there is NJK.s museum train with a stemer and El11sitting on the yard aswell. Funny thing about the modern times is that everybody seem to have a camera. As I later on walked to the other endo the platform every body in this train looked a little supriced but to be sure picked up a digital camera or or a telephone to take a shot or two. Otta 30th August 2006.

NSB El18 2261.
There is no question about the location as the southbound Signature train with El18.2261 is leading the consist. The rather futuristic loooking engine looks right at home with the just as futuristic consist of B7 cars as it stops in a sunny June day in Otta. From here oit will be reasonable flat all the way to Oslo, but the capitol is still hours away.
2007-06-18 Otta.

NSB El18 2261.
El 18.2261 is making a stop at Hamar in August 2000 with a another express to Oslo with a typical consist. A this date, there were a number of Intercity-trains that were consisted of B7.s, but also a number of trains consist of earlier B3 and B5 equipment. If El18 class engine was not available you would find El 17.s or El16.s or even El14.s hauling any of these expresstrains.

NSB El18 2262 in Hamar.
El 18.2262 With a IC train in Hamar in May 2003.

NSB El18.
El 18.s have a rather unique design as seen at the shot of the side of the cab. The Re 460 generation are used in SBB, and the even stronger variation at BLS and in China and on VR in Finland.

NSB El18.
It is past mid night and a El18 powered night train si leaving Otta to south.
2007-06-19 Otta.
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